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Individual & Family Plans

Buying health insurance should not be complicated, nor should it result in someone taking your information and harassing you with emails and phone calls.  At American Vet Insurance we work exclusively with Veterinarians and their staff to provide clear, honest and helpful advice on how to find the best plan that fits your needs.  We specialize in working with those who may qualify for extra help to understand what that means and how to make sure they get the best rate possible.

Understanding Your Options

Option 1 - Traditional Health Insurance

  • Plans cannot be underwritten.
  • Coverage is regulated by the Department of Insurance in each state.
  • Plans must cover the essential health benefits.
  • Qualified applicants can receive financial assistance in the form of subsidies.
  • You can only apply if you have a qualifying event or during the open enrollment period (Nov 1st - Dec 15th).

Option 2 - Short Term Health Insurance

  • Plans can be underwritten which allows carriers to offer lower premiums to healthier applicants
  • Coverage is regulated by the Department of Insurance in each state.
  • Plans do NOT have to cover the essential health benefits.  For example, maternity is not a covered benefit on a short term plan.
  • Plans can be applied for at any time and can last for anywhere from 30 days to 12 months.  Some options can be locked in for up to 3 years.

Running a quote is easy.
Your quote is 100% anonymous.  All you need is your:

Age, Zip Code and Annual Income (if applying for a subsidy)

Click on the link below to start your quote.
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