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Group Health Insurance

Offering health insurance coverage for your employees shouldn't be complicated.  We promise to simplify the process by providing you with real solutions that can help you provide affordable, reliable insurance for your staff.  Our agency understand that you need to be practicing veterinary medicine so we provide industry leading HR resources at no cost.

Understanding Your Options

Option 1 - Traditional Group Health Insurance

  • Employees are required to choose a plan provided by the employer
  • Employer contributes a percentage or dollar amount to the monthly premium
  • Plans must be ACA compliant and cover the 10 essential health benefits
  • Premiums are paid Tax Free through a Section 125 plan
  • Employees can choose to enroll or waive coverage

Option 2 - ICHRA - Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

  • Employees purchase individual plans based on their needs
  • Employer contributes a percentage or dollar amount to the monthly premium
  • Employees can use the employer contribution OR a government subsidy to lower their monthly cost
  • Employer pays a third party administrator to take the tax free contributions and apply them to the individual plan premiums

Request A Quote

Simply download a census in the below format that works best for you.  Email the census back to us at  Once we receive the census we will start requesting quotes from several carrier options which we will present to you in a summarized spreadsheet so that you can easy review the plan options.  
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